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If you believe that what you offer is truly great, you have to ensure that it gets communicated and expressed effectively. We are a creative branding studio that can make it happen.

POWERFUL brands for self-confident businesses

Our strategies, content and design reflect the spirit of thriving companies and empowered entrepreneurs that deliver high-quality services, experiences and products.

We uncover your uniqueness, turn it into the key message, and make it the heart of a bold, powerful brand.

Brand Building is Business Building

Your brand strategy should be at the intersection of your target’s needs and the value you can give them. Finding your edge will allow you to truly differentiate from competitors and connect to your potential customers.

Humanize your business

We give your brand its unique essence and personality. Your new strategy gets turned into emotional and creative traits that can help us create a powerful visual identity and establish more meaningful connections.

The Language of Images

A powerful brand identity needs visionary design. We'll create all the key visual elements that can boldly portray the essence of your message.

Your Brand Comes to Life

This is where the magic happens! Your brand takes the form of a website, a social media presence, marketing or packaging assets, and a unique customer experience!

The Clarity and Guidance You Need

If you are looking for support through the journey of envisioning your new brand, a DIY approach to branding or ongoing brand assistance and maintenance, our coaching services might be the right solution.

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Circular message
"Run & Hop has guided FabuLingua’s entire brand strategy. They are great listeners whose thoughtful process shaped our identity to complement our product. We are grateful to have found them so early in our journey. Their talent and vision set us up with a strong brand that gets a lot of compliments. The value that has been created is a source of pride and gets appreciated by our customers."
leslie begert, fabulingua.
"When we hired Run & Hop we expected to buy visual content and copy for our website. Soon after we realized that through the branding project we really went to the core of our company’s identity and what we wanted it to be. The project has been invaluable as a catalyst in our brand strategy, but also our broader corporate strategy."
"We enjoyed working with Run and Hop to identify our brand characteristics and clarify what we do and how we do it. They helped us understand branding and how to use brand strategy within our business. They came up with just the perfect words and design aesthetic to capture the look and feel of our studio. We had a lot of fun working with them!"
kaitlin drisko, drisko studio
"Run & Hop responded to our necessities using their wide skill set and expertise. Through their services and guidance, we gained awareness about the importance of high-quality brand identity. Their brand book was very useful in the process of training our team to understand and convey our identity through their work at the hotel!"
mikio chiba, plan do see.
Brand assets collage

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