Casillero Del Diablo

chilean wine brand
amsterdam, Netherlands.
Creative Concept
Social Media Campaign
Brand Experience Action
Strategy: Expresion Media
Campaign Photos: Stefan Marcel Gerard
Casillero del Diablo is one of the most recognized Chilean wine brands in the world. In an attempt to improve their brand awareness in the Netherlands, they asked us for an innovative social media and BTL campaign.

creative concept

Their global concept "Protected by the devil" wasn't so fitting for their introduction into the Dutch market, so they allowed us to propose a variation. During our research we found an interesting insight: the local target market was a hedonistic young crowd; who long to spend as much time as possible in leisure social activities. We came up with a creative concept that served a double purpose: to introduce the brand’s established main character (the devil), and to take advantage of this insight about their audience.

"Deals with the Devil" was our new concept. It represents those things in life that are too good to be missed; the things that you'd be willing to make certain sacrifices for. It's an invitation to live more fully and prioritize joy more often. The devil, at the center of our proposal, was meant to be portrayed as a pleasure expert, who focuses his time and attention on indulgences.


We wanted to show our main character's indulgent and playful perspective on life. That's why we chose to tweak traditional quotes & sayings, giving them a cheekier connotation. Instead of using fire graphic elements as the main brand does, we opted for a modern neon light effect.  This was also a way of refreshing their look & feel and connecting to their younger audience.

Using the same visual resources, we also found a playful way of educating users about food-wine pairings!

the devil's table

In order to create some more buzz we presented a brand experience activity. The campaign was launching in summer, which is a highly anticipated season in this cold part of the world.

The idea: The pleasure-loving devil invited users to make the most of the season's arrival by holding outdoor dinner parties (a popular tradition in Amsterdam). He would personally reward many of those who followed his advice with wine and goodies for their affaire. On days of the extended invitation,  people had to download an app to report their party's location and simply await for their demonic guest to arrive.  The event was a success! Dozens of people participated each night, and shared photos of their feast on social media. As a consequence,  brand awareness increased organically!