Find your sexy beast first

Successful businesses always have to offer two things: expertise/quality and uniqueness. We help you discover what makes your offering truly stand out, and we build a bold, powerful brand around it. If you want to take your business to the next level, that’s what needs to happen!

Brand assets collage

We analyze your category, products/services and history; and use the results to define your main key messages, strengths, opportunities and objectives. We become experts in your business!

➝  Discovery Sessions
➝  Category Research
➝  Competitor Analysis
➝  Target Discovery Workshop
➝  SWOT Analysis

Brand Strategy

All the essential concepts that define your brand are created at this stage. We use all the info drawn from the research process to find the uniqueness at the heart of your brand (your Sexy Beast), and build the rest of the identity else around it.

➝  Brand Value Proposition (the Sexy Beast!)
➝  Elevator Pitch
➝  Mission/Vision
➝  Purpose
➝  Positioning Statement

Creative Identity

We come up with the “softer” (and fun) aspects of your identity. They determine how your brand should walk, talk and express itself in order to connect with your prospects more effectively.

➝  Brand Feeling
➝  Brand Persona
➝  Creative Concept
➝  Naming
➝  Tagline

Visual Identity

We design the visual system that will represent your business through images, shapes, colors and forms. Your aesthetics form the first and most prominent impression on your prospects. They have to be compelling and deeply aligned with the rest of your identity.

➝  Style Moodboard
➝  Conceptual Logo Design
➝  Custom Colors and Fonts
➝  Patterns, Illustrations, Textures.
➝  Icon Design
➝  Photo Style
➝  Brand Guidelines

Brand Experience

Now that your brand is ready, we can bring it to life. We’ll translate your identity into marketing assets, creative content, a memorable service experience and a powerful online presence.

➝  Full Website Creation
➝  Social Media Strategy / Creativity / Content
➝  Collateral Design: Packaging / Greeting Cards
➝  Brand Decks / Presentations
➝  Customer Experience Guidelines


Clarity sessions and guided branding work that can help you get on your feet. If you are confused about your foundation, or want an expert's support as you develop your own identity, this might be for you!

➝  One-off Clarity Sessions
➝  Brand Building Guided Processes
➝  Design Consulting
➝  Ongoing Advisory / Brand Maintenance
➝  In-house Team Management

our Approach

An effective and tested method

Our process has been tried, tested and enhanced for years. Our secret ingredient (shh!) is the “Sexy Beast”: that thing or mix of things that makes your business really unique—usually a combination of expertise and authenticity. Every business out there has a Sexy Beast! We help you find it and build your identity around it. The result is a powerful brand that takes your game to the next level.

This is how
we Run and Hop

We meet

Through a series of polls, meetings, emails (you pick the format) we learn about your business, challenges and needs. Above all, we want to ensure that we understand how you provide expertise and quality to your prospects so that we can reflect it through our work.

We become experts

We investigate your industry, product, target market and competitors to identify opportunities, things to avoid and, most importantly, that uniqueness that makes you stand out!

We get strategic

By now, we would have found what lies at the core of your identity: your Sexy Beast! We write it as a clear statement, and then develop the core concepts that stem from it: mission, vision, purpose, elevator pitch, etc.

We get creative, playful, visual

We develop all the components that will make your brand relatable to others: a personality, a creative concept and a visual identity made of a logotype, fonts, brand colors, and other beautiful assets. This is an exciting stage, where you start seeing your brand come to life!

We bring your brand to life and teach you how to apply your identity.

Your brand is ready to be used! In this stage we help you infuse your identity into marketing and sales assets. In this stage we can create your website, a customer journey, social media strategy and content, and many other things. We can provide ongoing support and training so that you and your team learn  to use all the assets of your new identity consistently throughout time.

take your business to the next level

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