We are not brand designers, we are brand builders

After years of working in big agencies for renowned companies, we realized that OUR uniqueness lies in helping clients find THEIR true uniqueness and turn it into the essence of bold identities that truly stand out.

Sofia Simon-Sasyk

Branding and Web Artist

Sofia is an interdisciplinary artist and designer. She's passionate about translating creative concepts into visuals using mixed media techniques. Using a myriad of artistic methods, she's been crafting unique visuals and identities for brands for 10+ years. Aside from her branding work, she loves growing sprouts in jars in her home in the Czech Republic.

Image of business owner

Daniela Maestres

Brand Strategist + Copywriter

Worked in ATL and digital advertising agencies for over ten years (DRAFTFCB, United Virtualities, Publiquest Argentina and Conrad Caine) / Created concepts and campaigns for brands like Oreo, Belvita, Tang, Clight, Mitsubishi, Cadbury, Milka, Red Bull, Siemens, Haribo and AXE / Won two Wave Festival awards (silver and bronze) and an ANDA award (gold) for her creative work / Thinks cats are Buddhist monks in disguise.


Agency Quality at a Fraction of the Cost

Our vast experience, multiple skill sets and lean agency model allow us to deliver premium work at the best possible value.

Unique Process with First-rate Results

What we offer is not your standard branding approach. We combine creativity,
strategy and conceptual design in one effective, unique method
that delivers more thorough, effective and innovative
results to what standard agencies provide.

Guidance From Beginning to End

We know that the branding and marketing worlds can be confusing
and intimidating. We can lead you through it, and
provide as much support and coaching as you need.

A “Partner” Approach

We value long-lasting relationships based on trust and reciprocity.
We like to provide ongoing services to help our clients translate
their new brand identity into powerful and profitable marketing
and customer experiences.

Multicultural Experience

We've lived in many countries and worked with international clients
from a wide range of industries; that's made our
approach more innovative, creative and versatile.

Choose Your Level of Involvement

Our tools and processes have been selected and/or designed to make
client interactions as smooth as possible. We work with friendly collaborative
platforms, adapt to time-zones, and are (almost) always a message away from you.

We are a good match if:

Your company is growing and its brand does not represent it well anymore.
You’ve decided to redo your website and don’t know where to start.
You are really good at what you do or have a great product, and feel that you fail to convey your expertise or the amazingness of what you sell.

The world
is undergoing
a change
we embraced
long ago

During many years, we worked in traditional agencies for big corporations. About a decade ago we started feeling that being locked up in an office was not conducive to creativity, and that digital connectivity was shaping the world in a way that most people hadn't yet realized.

We quit our jobs and decided to change our model and approach. We've never looked back! Many others have joined us in this movement, as the amazing possibilities that technology grants us become more evident and accessible.

Now, more than ever, this model is relevant, and we are at the crease of its wave. It has made us disciplined but spontaneous, creative but methodic, meticulous but bold.

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