Hansar Hotel

bangkok, thailand.
Brand Strategy
Creative Concept
Visual Identity
Stationery Design
Hansar is a beautiful luxury hotel in the middle of bustling Bangkok. They reached out to us in the midst of a management change, when they were considering to reposition and upgrade their business to attract a different type of traveler.

The request was for us to create a more upscale brand without touching their logo, so that the rebranding process wouldn't be so painful. We could see their need for a more modern and upscale identity, so we took on the challenge!


Bangkok is a busy, polluted and crowded city. It's as exhilarating as it can be overwhelming. It makes people crave refuge from the heat and the noise. As we stepped into Hansar we realized that this place was inherently that, an oasis of lush vegetation and a stunning architectural design with the power to disconnect you from the external environment. The decision to make this feature the heart of the identity was evident from day 1.


After studying the brands of both boutique and chain hotels that compete with Hansar we found a big segment of undifferentiated offerings; all using similar offerings and wording to attract guests.


That made us even more certain about our choice. We wanted to position Hansar as the boutique hotel recognized for their conceptual approach, impacting identity and unique guest experience.


"We provide the refined comfort of a 5-star bespoke experience in the intimacy of a boutique environment. We believe that through a philosophy of enhanced connection and mindfulness, we can deliver more personalized attention and services that adapt to the ever-changing
needs and preferences of our guests. This allows us to create a powerful experience that inspires and invites them to be fully present."

1 / Brand FEELING
2 / Brand archetypes
lover +
3 / Brand personaLITY
creative + attentive + calm
4 / Brand Voice
inspiring + warm + clear

The brand persona is an essential aspects of the identity. It will set the ground for the visual identity, determine the content's tone, marketing efforts and even their service/product experience. It also makes the brand relatable and appealing to their target market.


The creative concept is an idea that stems from the brand's core identity and key message. It helps create more engaging content and form stronger emotional connections with the target market.


We wanted it to revolve around the notion of "connection", which is what you feel when you step into the lobby and a valuable notion for guests. They want to connect to their family/partner during a trip, to the culture of a foreign country, and to a serene environment after a long day. Also, the staff has to find a connection to guests that allows to anticipate and serve their every need.


S T A Y   C O N N E C T E D
To "stay connected" means to remain in the present moment, but it also serves to introduce Hansar’s philosophy on work and service: to stay permanently connected to the guests and their needs. The wording is straightforward, clear and simple. It's also a word-play that suggests two different meanings of the word “stay”: to remain in a state of connection and to be in the hotel.


Our "manifesto" would make the concept more tangible:
We are connected to ourselves: we prioritise looking in, that's why we are self-confident and do things uniquely.
We are connected to our guest: we anticipate their needs and are aware of their necessities; providing bespoke service and tailored experiences to make them feel present and happy.
We are connected to each other: a good experience for our guests can only be delivered by a solid team, that's why we value open communication, transparency, and mutual support.

our concept becomes visual

Our visual identity has a contemporary style sprinkled with elegant, classic
touches.Creativity, contemporary art and nature merge organically through earthy colors,
calming textures and harmonious blank spaces. There is no clutter. Every element
has been specifically chosen to portray the notion of “connection to the present

Visual moodboard created in collaboration with our client at the beginning of the VI stage.
The color palette is composed of sober tones inspired by nature that align with
our concept. We also chose to enhance the system with discrete plant textures that works as a
refined compliment to the rest of the design elements.

We infused the concept through details that would add value to the customer experience and support the notion of connection.

The brand manifesto is a literary/poetic text that we write to present the creative concept. It can be used by our clients however they desire: social media content, the script for a company video, or even a stencil over a wall of their office.

We are connected

To ourselves — We know who we are and where we are going as individuals. We have goals and objectives; and our actions serve as stepping stones to get there.

We are connected

To our job — We understand the vision of our company and stand by it. We know that our work is really important as part of a bigger picture.