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The Fabulingua team is a tech startup that approached us during the initial stages of developing an animated storybook app for learning Spanish. The coolest thing about their business idea was that they had developed the teaching method behind the app themselves! Their whole concept and model revolved around making language-learning fun, instead of stressful and demanding. They discovered that putting the child in a relaxed and engaged more made knowledge acquisition effortless and delivered more efficient results. We helped them create an identity that could convey the magic behind their product to both kids and adults.

Their working name at the time was "Magical Translations". We wanted to find a more playful, memorable and effective alternative that could convey to both parents and kids, how fabulous this product truly is.

THE NEW BRAND VALUE Proposition (A.K.A the Sexy Beast).

This statement is the heart of the identity. We find it through thorough research into the business and the category, and use it to build the whole brand around it.

Our interactive stories will take children on fun adventures that will gently introduce them to a new language or reinforce their existing knowledge of it, through a unique method that effortlessly develops their comprehension and reading skills.

1 / Brand FEELING
2 / Brand archetypes
3 / Brand personaLITY
4 / Brand Voice

The brand persona is an essential aspects of the identity. It will set the ground for the visual identity, determine the content's tone, marketing efforts and even their service/product experience. It also makes the brand relatable and appealing to their target market.


A playful parenthesis conveys the childlike aspect of our identity and helps us highlight a very relevant aspect of their business: aside from being effective, it's also fun!

The tagline has to support the company name in delivering essential information about the business, products or essence. In this case, because the name doesn't explain much, we used it for that purpose.

visual system

We wanted our logotype proposal to be playful, but also modern, minimalistic and edgy. This would help us make it more compatible and noticeable within the bustling, colorful context of the storybooks and app.

We designed a clean visual system made of striking colors and paper-like textures that resemble the style of coloring books and craft projects. It helped us create an enchanting, modern aesthetic that appeals to children and brings back nostalgic memories to adults.  

Following the same conceptual path, the app's homescreen featured an enchanted scenery made to resemble pop-up books!

The social media strategy and creativity was made thinking of the parents, especially moms! We created several content pillars meant to touch on several relevant topics: showcase the app's features, stories and characters; give parents ideas to engage with their kids creatively; educate their audience about a relevant topic for the company and target market: Hispanic heritage and culture.

Fun and quirky phrases that parents can teach their children.
Fun and quirky phrases that parents can teach their children.
Pillar 3 - MEET THE GANG
MEET THE GANG- Silly intros to the characters of the different stories.
Pillar 4 - THIS IS US
The beautiful story of the founders told bit by bit.
An overview of the different slang terms used throughout the continent for the same word.