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Our client, GSC Cinemas, a prominent name in Malaysia's cinema industry, approached us to develop brand identities for the restaurants at their luxury venue, Aurum Theater. For this particular eatery, they envisioned a casual dining experience inspired by the classic Japanese Kissatens, which are vintage cafes that can still be found in many cities of Japan. Excited by the concept, we proposed a fusion of Kissatens and American diners, blending beloved classics with a modern, playful twist.

That's how Kissa was conceived—a Western-Japanese fusion cafe that evokes nostalgia, offering a relaxed dining experience with reimagined comfort food from both regions of the world.


This statement is the heart of the identity. We find it through thorough research into the business and the category, and use it to build the whole brand around it.

Kissa is Aurum Theater’s Western Japanese fusion cafe, inspired by the nostalgia of a bygone era, providing a casual and laid-back dining experience of comfort food with a modern twist. 

In Kissa, the classic Western vibe of old-school diners blends harmoniously with the warm and inviting mood of traditional Japanese Kissatens, creating a unique homage to these establishments and the world of cinema. Kissa is the perfect place to embark on or conclude a cinematic adventure, where flavors of comfort food from East and West blend seamlessly in a unique journey to a different time and place.

1 / Brand FEELING
playful nostalgia
2 / Brand archetypes
next-door neighbor
3 / Brand personaLITY
caring + fun + welcoming
4 / Brand Voice
nostalgic + inventive + warm

The brand persona is an essential aspects of the identity. It will set the ground for the visual identity, determine the content's tone, marketing efforts and even their service/product experience. It also makes the brand relatable and appealing to their target market.


Kissa's visual identity merges various elements drawn from our primary inspirations. It embodies the lively, pop aesthetic of Western diners, the nostalgic charm of kissatens, and draws subtle cues from the cinematic realm. These influences are  woven together with a contemporary flair. The result in a unique and captivating identity that is vibrant, warm and welcoming all at the same time.

Moodboards allow us to show our clients our thinking process and work with them
in selecting styles and ideas that will inspire the new visual identity.

the new logotype

Our logo proposal for Kissa blends sophistication with contemporary appeal. It features a sleek elongated sans serif font, that commands attention naturally. The clean and straightforward layout offers the versatility and adaptability we aimed for. A subtle arch imbues the design with a sense of warmth and approachability, enhancing its overall charm.

We made fun illustrations of signature dishes to elevate the visual identity and infuse a playful element. The intention was to provide them with a set of designs that can used on  menus, stickers, stamps, apparel, and packaging adding charm and personality to their brand experience.

Our menu integrates our visual identity elements in a dynamic way. It was carefully structured for comfort, readability and clarity; but it also embodies our brand's playful and fun-loving spirit. From its layout to its design, every aspect reflects Kissa's vibrant personality. The dish names were also created by us! We wanted to add flair and uniqueness to some of the preparations, making these menu items more playful and memorable.

Social media

Our social media strategy embodies the core values of our brand and aligns closely with business objectives. Given this is a brand new and unknown restaurant, our approach aimed to showcase various facets of the brand through diverse post pillars: narrating its origin story to convey the concept, introducing and describing our dishes, and infusing playful engagement with catchy phrases inspired by Kissa's cuisine.