Bonding Blends

Brand Strategy
Creative Concept
Visual Identity System
Our client was launching a brand of teas and tea blends inspired by her Iranian heritage. The business was deeply rooted in the rich tradition of Persian tea. When she approached us, she had a name in mind—a Persian word that, while meaningful, might not resonate with or be understood by her target market in Western Europe. Recognizing the need for a more accessible and relatable brand identity, we embarked on a journey that began with one of our favorite tasks: naming!


Listening to our client's business origin story, it became clear that this brand would be deeply intertwined with her love for her mother country and her cherished memories of drinking tea with family members. Our client was a true tea enthusiast with extensive knowledge about the tea world. However, for her, tea represented something more profound—the powerful ritual of bringing people together. This insight guided our naming process, and after extensive deliberation, we arrived at the perfect name: Bonding Blends.


Our strategy began with an in-depth study of brands in the region. It revealed that most brands focused on just one or two qualities—be it health benefits, flavor, sustainability, or other. To stand out, we had to find our own guiding principles.


It became clear that our north stars were the authentic knowledge of tea and its ability to connect people. This dual focus set Bonding Blends apart, highlighting both expertise and the communal essence of tea.


"Bonding Blends is a line of premium teas and tea blends created by true connoisseurs. We are deeply passionate about the art of tea drinking and the power of tea as a vessel for connection. All our products and experiences have been sourced and designed to help tea enthusiasts understand this beverage more profoundly and inspire them to use it to bond and connect with loved ones, themselves, and life itself."

1 / Brand FEELING
connection & expertise
2 / Brand archetypes
lover +
3 / Brand personaLITY
passionate + comforting + wise
4 / Brand Voice
romantic + warm + knowledgeable

The brand persona is an essential aspects of the identity. It will set the ground for the visual identity, determine the content's tone, marketing efforts and even their service/product experience. It also makes the brand relatable and appealing to their target market.


The creative concept is an idea that stems from the brand's core identity and key messages. It helps create more engaging content and form stronger emotional connections with the target market.


For many people, some cherished moments of liferevolve around tea. It’s a drink that enables beautiful moments of connection—to others, to ourselves and to the present moment. Also, because of its distinctive flavors, notes, and aromas, it has the power to take us back in time and relive precious memories.


Tea is more than just a beverage; it's a catalyst for meaningful experiences. "Savor the Moment" celebrates the way tea enriches our lives, creating opportunities for deep connections and reflection. Each sip invites you to pause, appreciate the present, and engage your senses. The rich flavors and aromas not only enhance the moment but also evoke memories, making each tea experience a journey through time. Embrace the ritual, connect deeply, and let every cup remind you to savor the moment.


Some of life's most precious moments are small, fragile, and fleeting. Like wrinkly grandmother hands carrying fresh cookies or the first glimpse of a long-lost friend's face. These simple pleasures, like a mug of hot milk tea or the smell of chamomile, are treasures that come and go with the day. They are the cherished moments of connection to someone, to something, to life itself. Savoring them fully is an art, and being grateful for what they leave behind is a gift.

our concept becomes visual

Just as tea releases its magic in water, pigments do the same. Different pigments move through water, mingling and blending with each other. This is why we chose watercolor as the conceptual medium for Bonding Blends' visual identity.

We created a series of Persian-inspired flowers and developed a modular system capable of producing endless floral arrangements.


Using our central brand concept of connection and the keyword "blend" as inspiration,
we've crafted a collection of visual elements that encapsulate Bonding Blend’s identity.
These elements aim to establish a graphic world characterized by elegance, romanticism, and refinement.
This a summary of the elements that became the pillars of the visual identity system. 

Romantic Typographic Elements

Curves, rounded shapes, serifs, and delicate lines are the typographic traits that best align with our identity and style. Therefore, we have chosen to explore alternatives within these parameters to highlight the romantic, luxurious, and refined qualities of Bonding Blends.


A ligature is a glyph that combines specific character sequences into a new shape, evoking softness, fluidity, femininity, and a touch of romanticism—traits that align well with Bonding Blends. Ligatures symbolize the union of two elements into one, much like the connection formed between two people over tea.

Persian Flavor

We've drawn inspiration from traditional Persian tiles for shape exploration. As a quintessential element of Iran, these tiles are beautiful objects. To align them with our elegant visual style, we've simplified their shapes to the most minimalistic versions while preserving their distinctive qualities.

Bonding Blend's color palette is inspired on the colors of luxurious, raw and natural materials.