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Our client, a hospitality management company based in Japan, reached out to us to create a brand for their newest business: a Basque-Japanese inspired cheesecake shop!

We were thrilled, as the original idea was to offer a traditional cake reinvented by one of their Japanese chefs, and offer it in several cities across South East Asia. We loved the unique business proposal and quickly started coming up with ideas that would match this beautiful concept. Our initial idea was to find a way to combine elements from Basque and Japanese cultures, and from the tropical settings where the restaurants would be located across Indonesia and similar locations.


This statement is the heart of the identity. We find it through thorough research into the business and the category, and use it to build the whole brand around it.

"BASK. is an on-the-go patisserie that offers a unique take on Basque cheesecake. We are inspired by the magic that happens when contrasting concepts are combined: east and west, modern and classic, over and undercooked. We are here to provide a dessert experience as complex and sophisticated as it is accessible."

1 / Brand FEELING
simple elegance
2 / Brand archetypes
lover +
next-door neighbor
3 / Brand personaLITY
elegant + charming + unpretentious
4 / Brand Voice
casual + refined + alluring

The brand persona is an essential aspects of the identity. It will set the ground for the visual identity, determine the content's tone, marketing efforts and even their service/product experience. It also makes the brand relatable and appealing to their target market.


The elegance in Simplicity

After our initial research, we learned that Basque culture is known for its simplicity and practical approach to life, and their world-renowned design is all about clean lines and monochrome colors. Japanese culture is also notorious for its minimalist approach to all aspects of life. Basque cheesecake is a simple dessert. It's made with few ingredients, doesn’t even have toppings, and looks plain. However, its flavors and textures are complex and sophisticated.


Aside from the notion of simple elegance, there was another concept we felt inspired by: contrast. The fusion of east and west (Japan and Basque cultures) and the coexistence of burnt and undercooked proper to this cheesecake, demonstrate that things that seem like opposites can sometimes complement each other. We were very inspired by this and wanted to include it in our identity.


Bask’s visual identity is all about elegant simplicity, contrast & allure. We came up with the idea of a “new colonial” style, using classic European references intertwined with minimalist Basque and Japanese styles. We chose key elements of their cultures and traditions. Our inspirations were the Basque beret and alphabet, tropical landscapes, and colonial-era imagery.

Moodboards allow us to show our clients our thinking process and work with them
in selecting styles and ideas that will inspire the new visual identity.

the new logotype.

Our logo proposal for BASK. features an elegant and classic style that integrates aspects of modern typographies. The serif adds a refined and sober vibe, while the thin curves in the “A” and “K” give it a unique appeal that modernizes the logo. These curves are a subtle reference to the Basque alphabet, and the top of the letter “A” emulates a Basque beret hat. They are a playful homage to the culture that inspired the business idea in the first place.

This whimsical illustration shows a European man from the colonial era seducing a lady with a slice of Basque cheesecake. We felt that it matched the brand's identity and could work as part of a series of illustration that explored other scenes featuring Japanese, Indonesian and European characters.

Both the brand website and social media proposals enabled us to explore our identity further and play with our visual identity elements. We used tempting descriptions of the cake and playful texts to counterbalance the sober and elegant visual identity we created.